Meditating on the wounds of Christ

MARCH 31, 2016–Today’s meditation from The Word Among Us (based upon Luke 24:35-48) reflects upon the wounds Christ received at his death–wounds that remained on his glorified body after the resurrection: “Jesus’ victory looked so different from what the disciples had expected. Instead of arriving with a king’s crown or a huge army, he returned […]

I need you to put my life in perspective

MARCH 30, 2016–Today’s readings put forth a common theme–that we need each other. I loved the line from the meditation found at The Word Among Us website: “There’s something about opening ourselves to other people that makes us more open to the Lord’s presence and his comfort.” The meditation cites the examples of the two […]

Learning about stillness

MARCH 13, 2016–LEARNING ABOUT STILLNESS My latest column for the Catholic Free Press (which I will post on Tuesday) is about what I have been learning during this Lent about silence and stillness. Did you know there is a physical component to stillness within? I didn’t but I am learning. I find it very hard […]