Healing begins with knowledge: understanding the emotional impact of IC

JUNE 29, 2016 – Last week I wrote about dejection; today it’s anxiety. This current season of feelings, beginning with extreme aggravation, moving towards dejection and now morphing into anxiety has me quite puzzled. After this past weekend I needed to step back and try to understand just what was going on, Last week I

Lifted up and out—breaking free from dejection

JUNE 20, 2016 — We all go through spells where we feel blue, even downright dejected. I know lately I’ve been waking up in the morning and feeling a sense of dread about facing a new day. Those fears and anxieties that lie just below the surface tend to be magnified in the wee hours

“Is My Day Your Day?” Let’s talk about our spiritual lives.

MAY 1, 2016 Sometimes we need a place to jot down our thoughts and feelings. We learn something new. We screw up. Big time. We receive a surprise blessing. I wanted to establish this quiet space to share things as they happen to me with the hope that you will see yourself here too. Free

Meditating on the wounds of Christ

MARCH 31, 2016–Today’s meditation from The Word Among Us (based upon Luke 24:35-48) reflects upon the wounds Christ received at his death–wounds that remained on his glorified body after the resurrection: “Jesus’ victory looked so different from what the disciples had expected. Instead of arriving with a king’s crown or a huge army, he returned

I need you to put my life in perspective

MARCH 30, 2016–Today’s readings put forth a common theme–that we need each other. I loved the line from the meditation found at The Word Among Us website: “There’s something about opening ourselves to other people that makes us more open to the Lord’s presence and his comfort.” The meditation cites the examples of the two

Back in the choir loft–a humbling and pleasurable challenge

FEBRUARY 26, 2016–Glad to be back in the choir loft Last night was choir practice. Another night driving in the rain. I’m not good at this going-out-at-night thing; it makes getting up the next morning harder somehow. I knew that was going to be a stumbling block to joining choir. But I am so glad