A light in the darkness–Braving night blindness to meet an inspiring young man

FEBRUARY 25, 2016–Driving in the rain and meeting an inspiring young man How is your eyesight at night? Obviously it depends on your age. I will be 60 in a couple of weeks and my eyesight at night is TERRIBLE. I’ve taken to whispering a quick prayer every morning to St. Christopher to get me

Confession as reconciliation–something I now look forward to

FEBRUARY 24, 2016–I used to dread going to confession; now I look forward to it! I’ve been a Catholic since birth (60 years this March 19) and always dreaded going to confession. As a kid it was scary; as an adult it was embarrassing–I could never remember my sins! I mean I know I screw

Busting that delusional bubble–a taste of humility

FEBRUARY 23, 2016 — First entry in my spiritual journal. I had a “comeuppance” with God last week. It began with disappointing news which led to doubts and confusion about everything I am doing, and then to other, more painful realizations. I feel like I am squinting under a very bright light, totally naked, utterly exposed.